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Tips on Character Sculpting Creation and idea making Tips 1

One of the ways to create well crafted designs is to mostly known is Referencing in life ,

But if wanting to get better design works in flow , fashion design also creates inspirations for creative works and reference.

Well crafted designs are more or less based on the silhouette works of the design and color choices, Make a design all over the place in color and has no direction

do it with color coordination and the design will have better construction and skill.

The Steps from 2d design to 3D works comes in phases as the work will need better passes to seem complete in design . Clothing can come in different shapes are the skill to carve out a design takes flow and motion of the design itself.

In order to create a really good idea for a character creating a character idea sheet in a semi organized way will allow one to create the overally work oa acharacter in words and then given more context use reference and then change the reference depending on the context of the design itself.

Note: character listed below is an example of using specific creative fashion and adding a twist to it.

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