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Insider Tips #2 on Character Sculpting designs and info

From the last post we learned that creating a design takes a lot of work to do in fact every step is actually a skill to learn in time, in this session we are going to learn more on the technical sense of the design and how to learn about the sculpted style of the custom character ether swordsmen

As shown before the spikes of blue in the character are actually pieces in models that are made intricate to simple detail. that is why the blue spikes show a lot of point yet is simple in polygon to some extent

As shown below the curves show rigid but more or less a curve the leads to a pointy feel

the curve makes the design less intimidating yet elegant for the eye to see which makes the design well made for the eye and look.

Here below you can see the curves change direction depending on where the curved details are in the design as the characters simplistic concept allows details to look more profound.

Overall making the spikes in the design can also fail especially when the spike collide in the character, so its best to place the design of those things in a skilled manner .

Check out more on the next post ,


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