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Creative tips # 3, Styled silhouette work with realism

In this post we will be discussing the idea of concept through the combination or realism and stylization of a different level in rendering.

Most designers go for a specialized skill in technique for the most part realism, Many animator and artist go for a stylized look to make things easier for them to animator.

IN the current age or art development there are now new art possibilities to create the design flow. In this situation it is the combination of styled modeling with the realism in texturing.

In order for someone to get to that skilled design levels, some have to learn basic designs or anatomic principles to create the designs in the first place,

Using shape and form in a contour like pattern allows the character design to show a specific character personality for a typical example. A point like design make the character more sinister or just obnoxious or sometime combining smooth and pointing contours makes a unique design in character making in most cases a stand out character in other forms to some extent.

As Shown above the 2 design show 2 different variations of intimidating on point contours, the 1st one shows a typical pointy render of a character to show intimidation at a high key point, the other example below is a different variation of the armor but more slender and smooth yet lethal in design as shown in the edges point at the bottom.

The next post we will be discussing the elements of character emotion and personality through expression


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