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Creative Designer tips 2 for Character Development

When creating a specific design it takes a lot of revisions to make a design have intention of the personality and clothing types for jobs to some extent.

One way to make a design work is to know what personality it resembles through the color choices and social looks in norms or class in a job

Take for example clothing design for a character or a traveler, the character is meant to have many layers are the character travels with its belongings , if done wrong the character might look bare bones allowing inconsistent elements of design to show, A travelers design could depict ragged experience or a more professional feel or excellence with some ragged feel depending on the designs context and element of colors give or take.

Take this design for interpterion and example,

the design is a basic example on how to create a character with some raged clothing yet not barebones at a lacking level, the layers and shoading of the colors and cloths shows how this design resembles are mercenary or travelers design,

A warriors design given different design context could look more bare bones on the clothing and more on the muscles for practicality is always a factor to some extent

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