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Character Design Ether Swordsmen Tip and Lite Breakdown

The Design Ether Swordsmen was an design I was thinking about for awhile and wanted to design something that just shows a calm yet clean style, the swordsmen Idea was based of on a character design I did while back example below, This particular style I wanted to create and had to render the design with this pass to see what could be, originally a character meant for change in the story to some extent.

The Design in most cases was inspired from cool styled design from other stories in japan and Europeans culture, this style was a convergence of a soldier and vagabonds design.

after creating this then creating the sculpts was the next step which oh my was worth it.

The Example work Below was what I envisioned and took sculpting 3d time to create and went through passes and processes to create the design to some extent.

As shown in the wire frame the design shows a distinct idea of mid poly so some detail can be applicable as shown below, some can see the distinct details and curvatures of the design that allows the works to be shown like this to some extent, as being the sculptor I had to to learn fundamentals to sculpt the right details to some extent. The Spike are meant to show design to intimidate and show mystical elements of protection to some extent.

The Wireframe shows how I details but also make the work less poly to make the work workable to some extent in the design, especially the pants to some extent, you can tell the pant uses uvs meant to show detail and less planes.

More on other character works in the next posts.


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