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Ricky Truong

Born in Dallas Tx

Works in West Plano

As an Experienced designer and Creator of world design, I have most of my interest into, creating worlds rendering engines like unity, and blender. I’m mostly interested in the environment design of art and how It can create the worlds and imaginations for people to perceive. Graphic design in my own opinion is the art of  crating something of a product but have an implication of design meant to portray a style that can be used. Most of my design project are 2d landscape painting digitally painted though practice and design, most of my 3d arts that I’ve created was mostly in movie and game-based direction, such as creating props and worlds to be put in movies of some sort. Over all I am Very interested to start creating the arts and developing skills needed to advance the stories whenever it is Design based or character based in theory.



2017-2017  Collin Community College

2018-2021 Richland college


Work Experience

 Texture artist for Project Development at Richland COllege, dallas July 2018 — December 2018 Created textures for the clients project dev in class Also help other artist skill in digital painting in textures for prototype game. Used photo shop to paint the textures and applied textures to substance painter .



Freelance Illustrator at shabaneh ahmad, plano December 2020 — February 2021 Create   multiple revisions of 2 Art Digital Paintings for a Story Ip the client is currently making, Created the illustrations with photoshop and the commission based of on fictional works . Both Digital paintings re revised with specific takes and layering of the design



Freelance digital tutoring at Martinez, Grant E , Garland October 2021 — December 2021 Tutored client on Photoshop principles and taught each tool that adobes has from Photoshop to illustration, example like, photo editing and touching, typography, and digital painting:, In illustrator such as, vextor fills ,pattern making , etc. was a 3 to 4 month tutoring session where the client is taught 3 hours per session. and was 



3d Asset modeler for project dev at Richland College, dallas July 2021 — December 2021 Was in charge of the digital 3d modeling of the mechanical weapon props and character also created the textures for the project using the adobe suite. Project was completed with 3 levels and finalized with one enemy type.



Art Freelance instructor at Fiseha Wondimu, Garland November 2022 — December 2022 Instructed the clients kids on how to create customized art for characters by using the basic principles in design and anatomy. Taught things from anatomy to proportion and even perspective for story boarding concepts. Boths kids improved a lot on the design and was able to learn more about the programs being used.

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